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Why DIY Animal Trapping Is Not the Solution

Posted on 05. Aug, 2014 by in Home Improvement


Animal Trapping in Thousand Oaks | XL Home Improvement Blog

Why is buying and using a trap such a bad idea? FoThe only furry friend that should be wandering your house is your pet dog, cat, or chinchilla. When raccoons, gophers, possums, or even snakes and birds start treating your home like a bed and breakfast, your first instinct might be to head over to the hardware store and buy an animal trap. While it may seem like a simple solution, this do-it-yourself method ends up being more of a problem. Leave wildlife trapping in Thousand Oaks to the pros. Trusting pest removal services is safer and more effective than trying to remove the animals on your own.

r one, animals can be vicious and dangerous when threatened. If your trap does happen to be successful, then you have an animal sitting in a cage that can easily bite and scratch you if you get too close. While not all animals contain diseases that can be transferred to you, you do not want to risk contracting something like rabies 
. It is treatable, but the injections will cost you a lot of money and


Another problem with DIY wildlife trapping in Thousand Oaks is that most of the time, it is illegal. There are many regulations in order to prevent the spreading of disease. Using traps also can be incredibly inhumane, even if such treatment was never intended. Animals can be accidentally killed, or mothers can be taken away from their babies, leaving the infants to die. This is not only cruel to the animals, but also leaves you with an even bigger mess to clean up. DIY traps can end up making the problem worse in more than one way. Using food to bait animals, for instance, can attract more animals to your home, and you might not even catch the right one.

For your own safety, legal protection, and conscience, call professionals when you need wildlife trapping in Thousand Oaks. They can fix the problem in a way that is convenient for you and humane for the animals.

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