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What to Expect From Underground Storage Tank Management

What to Expect From Underground Storage Tank Management

Posted on 25. Oct, 2013 by in Construction, Home Improvement

If you have an underground storage tank on your property, getting it taken care of is important. However, if you are like many other property owners you may not be sure what to expect, and as a result, could be tempted to postpone setting the appointment. Here is some information about what you can expect when you schedule underground storage tank management.

Locating the tank is the first part of properly handling the situation. Even if you can point out the general area where it should be, it is important to determine its exact position so it can successfully be reached. In addition to its location, the company should also be able to find out what is inside it.

Once the resting place of the tank as well as the contents inside have been determined, the company should verify that there are no signs of damage. Many old tanks are discovered with damage that has allowed leaking, which could require a special plan of action. If there is reason to believe that the contents of the tank accidently found their way into the surrounding soil, a sample should be taken in for testing. This can help the company determine whether or not contamination is a problem that will need to be addressed.

Whether the tank is closed and removed, or emptied and filled with a safe substance before being reburied will ultimately depend on your individual situation. It is not uncommon for changes to be made to the action plan after all of the facts are made available.

If you have been hesitant to invest in underground storage tank management because you would prefer to continue using oil, it may come as a relief to learn that many companies can make that possible. If the situation allows, you may be able to continue using oil to provide heat by having a new tank installed above ground.

Taking the proper steps to locate, inspect, and either close or remove underground tanks can be extremely beneficial for you, as well as the environment. Talking with an experienced company about the likelihood of continued oil use by way of a tank above ground should give you the information you need to proceed with underground storage tank management with confidence.

Guest Blogger:  Sam Hyman

Renova Environmental Services

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