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What Solar Attic Fan Installation Can Do for You

Posted on 27. Dec, 2013 by in Home Improvement, Roofing

Solar attic fans are super cool.  Literally, they are a device used to cool your attic during hot weather.  Powered by the sun, they work faster or slower depending on the amount of heat they receive, saving you the trouble of having to turn it up and down depending on weather.  Solar attic fan installation is a breeze for any professional.  You may now be wondering what an attic fan can do for you.


Helps Cool Your Home

A solar attic fan is used to cool off an attic space in any home.  In summer and spring months, when temperatures are on the rise and the heating and cooling of you home becomes a priority, excess attic heat is an issue.  No matter how well-insulated your attic is, the heat gathered at the top of your home will always find a way downstairs.  Having to compensate for that heat coming out of the attic is a pain.  Having solar attic fan installation performed on your home greatly reduces this heat.  A single fan can cool up to and over 1,500 square feet of attic, so one fan is more than enough for most homes.


Saves You Money

Saving money is always important.  With a solar attic fan, you will pay less for your heating bill.  By reducing the heat in your attic, there is less heat to travel down into your home, making your home naturally cooler.  This reduces the amount you have to pay to cool your home.  Being solar powered, it also saves in energy costs.  This fan does not need to be hard-wired into your home or plugged in like other attic fans, so you do not have to pay to operate it.  The only expenses involved in operating a solar attic fan is the price you pay to have it installed and the price of the fan itself.

Solar fans for attics are a cost-effective way of cooling your home during the summer months.  Solar attic fan installation keeps you cool in all respects of your life.

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