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What Items to Consider When Winterizing Your Home

Posted on 14. Nov, 2013 by in Home Improvement

Keeping your home in impeccable condition can be overwhelming at times. In the summer you have to worry about the heat from the sun, and the damage it can do, like, fading your home’s siding, and warping wooden beams. In the winter you need to protect your house from the harsh, seasonal elements, such as, wind, rain, hail, and snow. If you do projects for winter home maintenance, now, you will be much more comfortable in the bitter-cold months to come.  

The first step should be for you to eradicate the fall leaves from your gutters. Remove dead leaves manually, then rinse the area with a powerful hose. Stopped drains can cause ice blockages to form, impeding the melting snow and rain from flowing smoothly. This can cause water to back up and leak into your house. Check for damaged pipes when rinsing out the gutters, and also look to see where the bottom spouts shoots out the water. If it goes away from the house, you are in good shape; if it flows toward the foundation, get it fixed. Ten feet away from your home is a safe distance for downspout water drainage.

Check window and door frames, and outlets for leaks. Door sweeps can be used to stop drafts, and caulk can be applied to cracks to seal in heat. Adding extra insulation to the attic, and exposed basement walls, can be a low-cost, money-saving device. If your home has a chimney, have it serviced each year before you use the fireplace. Cover your windows in a layer of plastic sheeting to keep warm air in.

Check on the health of your ducts where possible. A commercial service can come and vacuum them out to ensure proper flow. Change the filters on your furnace to avoid backup and fire hazards. Flush out your sprinklers before the first frost to avoid rupturing pipes. You can have a warm and cozy holiday season with proper winter home maintenance.

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