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Tub Refinishing is Quick and Easy

Posted on 06. Nov, 2014 by in Home Improvement

Many people hope to keep their home looking modern and fresh by periodically remodeling the bathroom. Bathrooms see a lot of wear over the years, and the constant moisture, soap, and dirt can cause fixtures to discolor over time. Scratches often appear in bathtubs and sinks, making them look old and also making them harder to keep clean. Tub refinishing is a quick and easy way to update the look of a bathroom in only one day.

Refinishing a bathtub is a process whereby a professional technician comes to your house and applies chemicals to an existing tub. These chemicals not only erase imperfections in the tub, they seal it against future damage. A properly refinished bathtub will not only last up to 20 additional years, it becomes easier to keep clean with mild detergents and minimal scrubbing.

Although the techniques may differ somewhat, many different kinds of bathtubs can be refinished. From antique porcelain claw foot tubs to newer fiberglass soaker baths, professionals have the tools to get the job done. Not only is the process generally completed in less than a day, it only takes 24 hours to properly cure once completed. Homeowners will be able to use their tub again in no time, and without dealing with the mess associated with demolishing and replacing a large fixture.

Tub refinishing is popular with landlords who are looking for ways to freshen up a space after a tenant leaves. It is also popular with homeowners looking to save money for home improvements they consider more important. Why spend money replacing a perfectly serviceable bathtub when you could spend it on a new roof, an updated refrigerator, or hardwood floors instead?

Today’s homeowners do not have time to spend on repairs that are not completely necessary. If someone has a bathtub that works perfectly but looks worn, they are wise to consider tub refinishing as a quick and inexpensive way to breath new life into the centerpiece of their bathroom.

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