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4 Tips for Preparing Your Home For Sale

Posted on 14. Apr, 2017 by in Home Improvement

Home For Sale | XL Home Improvement Blog

Now that you’ve made the decision to sell your home and find another place to live, there’s a lot that needs to be done to prepare your home for sale. Along with hiring a real estate professional who knows the local market and can connect you with prospective buyers, it’s time to look around the property and take care of a few details. Here are a four things you need to do to prepare your home for sale before that first potential buyer pulls up in the driveway.


1. The Clutter Has to Go

When a prospective buyer comes to tour your home, there is no interest in your teddy bear collection or any of the other possessions that occupy every nook and cranny. Buyers are interested in seeing the features of the home. Quite a bit of your treasures make it difficult to accurately judge the dimensions of each room and obscure some of the architectural details.

Your first task is to get rid of the clutter. Go through the home and decide what you can give to charity, what can go in a yard sale, and what you want to keep. The possessions that will make the journey to the new place can be boxed and placed in storage for now. Items you want to donate should be taken to a local charity at once. Hold your yard sale this upcoming weekend.

With the clutter out of the way, visitors will find it easier to visualize their own belongings in each of those rooms. That’s exactly what you want them to do.


2. Deep Cleaning All Around

With the clutter issue resolved, move on to the cleaning. This requires more than running the vacuum over the carpeting and dusting the living room furniture. Now is the time to have the carpets steam cleaned, and arrange for every surface in the home to be rendered spotless. You also want to move major appliances and clean behind them.

A deep cleaning rids the home of stale odors that you may not even notice any longer. While they don’t bother you, those odors will be immediately noticeable to anyone who steps through the front door. A fresh smelling home entices people to come in and look around and maybe submit a bid on your home for sale.


3. Lighten Up the Windows

Windows | XL Home Improvement Blog

Whatever style your home happens to be, it pays to allow as much natural light into each room as possible. Take a good look at the window treatments and what they do in terms of blocking direct and indirect sunlight. Ideally, the windows have blinds for privacy that can be opened easily. If the drapes are a little heavy, consider investing in inexpensive panels that are in a neutral color and give the space an airy feel.

More light in the room makes it feel a little larger and certainly move inviting than a space that feels dark and somewhat closed. Best of all, more light in the space shows off all the hard work you did in terms of making sure the place is perfectly clean.


4. Don’t Forget The Yard

Yard | XL Home Improvement Blog

While much of your effort is focused on making sure the home interior is clean and inviting, devote some of your time to the front and back yards. This is important because prospective buyers will see the grounds of your home for sale first.

Start why cleaning the exterior walls and making sure all the windows are clean. The lawn must be kept trimmed along with all shrubbery you have flanking the house or along a fence. If your fences needs to be whitewashed or painted, have a professional come in and take care of the job.

Even little things like making sure the lawn is edged and the driveway is swept will make a better impression. Feel free to decorate the porch or flank the front door with a few potted plants. When people arrive to tour the home, the first thing they need to think is how nice the landscaping looks. That will give them more motivation to step over the threshold and see what is inside.

Talk with your real estate agent and learn more about staging your home before that first open house. You may find yourself with more than one offer on your home for sale to consider before the day is over.



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