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The Battle Underfoot – Carpet v. Hardwood

Posted on 18. Oct, 2013 by in Home Improvement

It is a personal matter, some say, whether carpet or hardwood flooring is the best choice for a modern home.  And while the choice finally may be a personal matter of style and preference, still, it is based on simple facts that can stand side-to-side for comparison.  So, presented here in full detail, are the key facts in the battle underfoot: Carpet v. Hardwood.


In this corner, we have the classic American wall-to-wall deep plush carpet:

Look: Cozy, like you have wrapped all your floors in a big warm thick blanket, at first.  Then, eventually, it can evolve to dingy colored, when the dirt in the fibers builds up after years.

Feel: Soft, fuzzy, warm on bare feet.

Care: Only requires one basic tool, the vacuum.  But that one ‘simple’ tool involves: a noisy electric motor that may be prone to breakdowns, eventually, along with a filter to keep clean, a bag to empty (often a dusty mess), a cord to wind and unwind, and a lot of moving parts.  Also requires periodic visits from a deep clean carpet machine, rented or hired.


In this corner, we have the even more classic look, elegant hardwood throughout the home.

Look: Classic, dignified, beautiful wood-grain pattern.

Feel: Smooth, cool to bare feet (but with the option to create “pools” of warm fuzzy softness underfoot with area rugs placed where bare feet are most likely to touch cool floor, like near the bed or by the sofa, for instance).

Care: Only requires two basic tools, the broom and dustpan.  No motors, filters or bags, electricity nor noise.  And may require periodic polishing, also, as needed.

So, with the facts stacked up side-by-side, and the pros and cons weighed, it is your call.  Either one can be the right answer, depending on whether you prefer the classic elegant look, cool smooth feel and relatively easy care of wood or the warm and soft padding underfoot of rug.  Carpet v. Hardwood?  Find out which is right for your home.

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