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The Fire Sprinkler System Is a Crucial Element in Fire Safety

Posted on 03. Sep, 2014 by in Home Improvement

Are you aware that the fire sprinkler system has used to protect homes and businesses since the 1870s? In fact, sprinkler systems have been considered to be one of the most effective methods of preventing the destruction caused by fires for many years. This is because the system is able to quickly extinguish a fire in its very beginning stage, preventing the spread of fire, and consequently serious damages.

Your fire sprinkler system is probably made up of several components. These are the stop valve, an alarm valve, an alarm test valve, the fire sprinkler heads, and the alarm bell. Some other components serve to support the primary components. These include valve monitors, pressure switches, and flow switches. In order for the sprinkler system to run effectively and provide maximum protection, each of these components must be installed correctly and maintained by an experienced professional.

The appropriate placement of sprinkler heads may be determined by the size and shape of your home or business. There are often rules or guidelines established by local governments or by your insurance company for the number of heads in any given building. The National Fire Protection Association, or N.F.P.A., has established regulations governing the placement of the heads.

Once a fire sprinkler system has been put into place, there are certain maintenance requirements to meet. One of these is the establishment of ongoing checks for system evaluation. This is typically completed by a certified sprinkler contractor. This professional may be part of the team administering your fire extinguisher services.

Some of the maintenance can be provided by you. There are steps that you can easily take to ensure the appropriate functioning of your sprinkler system. Some examples include keeping the heads free from dust and debris, maintaining a distance of 18 inches between the sprinkler heads and anything else, and resolving not to use the sprinkler pipes for anything other than the fire protection system. There are many other steps that you might engage in to keep your home or business safe. Ask your fire protection professionals for further steps that you might be responsible for.

With the appropriate care, fire sprinkler systems can prevent fire from disrupting your life at home and at work.

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