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Solar Tube Installation, a Cost Effective Lighting Solution

Posted on 20. Jan, 2014 by in Construction, Home Improvement, Roofing, Solar

Natural lighting in a house aesthetically enhances any room. It proves to be both a fiscally and an environmentally sound decision. Sunlight also provides health benefits. Knowing that all of these things can be accomplished, it only makes sense to add natural light to any dark areas. However, it is neither easy nor inexpensive to add windows or a skylight. There is a viable alternative with solar tube installation.  Solar tubes can be installed for just a fraction of the cost of a skylight and will provide plenty of warm and indirect lighting.

Solar tubes, also called tubular skylights or sun tunnels, run from the ceiling of any room to the roof. They collect the natural light and then reflect it down the tube where it is diffused into the room.  Requiring less roof space then skylights, solar tubes can be installed into almost all buildings and can even work in basements or first floors if there is a place to feed the solar tube up through the roof.  Designed to maximize sunlight, they can light from 100 to 600 square feet of space. The amount of light given off is dependent upon the tube’s depth and diameter, with short, wide tubes giving off the most light. It is possible for one solar tube to give off as much light as four, 60 watt lightbulbs.

Solar tubes do not use electricity and will save the home or business owner money. They are also environmentally friendly as they do not produce pollution.  Some solar tubes are offered with Light Emitting Diodes so that the light will be in use at night as well and still remain energy-efficient. Sunlight has been proven to enhance moods and increase energy because it releases endorphin into the body. The absence of sunlight disrupts concentration levels and has been known to cause seasonal affective disorder, which makes people depressed.

Solar tube installation is just what you need to create a warmer and more welcoming environment.

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