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Solar Panels: A Home Improvement That Truly Pays Off

Posted on 25. Mar, 2015 by in Solar

Solar panels are becoming more affordable and widely used every year, and it is no surprise that more homeowners are considering installing them. If you are getting ready to make home improvements, you may be weighing whether to choose solar panel installation or other renovations. Although you may have other improvements on your list, solar panels offer various financial benefits that make them well worth considering for your next project.

Reduce Energy Costs

Energy-related costs are one of the most significant expenses that most people face, and home energy costs contribute significantly to this expense. Solar panel installation can immediately lower your home electrical bills. By many estimates, the energycosts that solar panels eliminate pay for the cost of panel installation within 15 years. Depending on your climate and the amount of energy that you use, however, this payoff period may be much shorter.

Earn Tax Credits

The Energy Star Program awards federal tax credits based on the cost of installing approved solar power systems. If you install a qualifying solar panel system before the end of 2016, you can deduct 30 percent of its cost directly from your federal taxes. State governments may also offer rebate or credit programs. This is a more favorable guaranteed return on investment than you will get with most home renovations.

Enjoy Long-Term Value

Solar panels installation is a home improvement that will stand the test of time. Some home improvements may become outdated or require extensive ongoing maintenance. Solar panels guarantee savings for however long they are installed. Solar panels also will likely remain an appealing feature for homebuyers in the future, given the limited nature of more traditional fuel sources. This means that solar panel installation is a predictable way to increase the value of your home.

An Advantageous Investment

Solar panel installation isa leading home improvement to makeif you want to save money while living more sustainably. While most home improvements are highly likely to pay off, solar panels are virtually guaranteed to do so, which makes them a smart investment for any homeowner.


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