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Save Energy With These Winter Home Improvement Tips

Posted on 26. Sep, 2014 by in Home Improvement

Just because the temperatures are dropping does not mean home improvement season is finished. In fact, this is the perfect time to focus on tweaks and repairs that can help reduce those monstrousupcoming utility bills. Lower your energy usage with these winter home improvement tips.


  • Thermostat: Switch out your old school thermostat with a programmable one. You can set the heat to kick on at higher temps while you are gone so you are not warming an empty house. Program it to kickdown a notch just before you are set to arrive home from work or school so you still get to enter a cozy home without paying for it all day long. Many programmable thermostats also offer separate weekend settings. When the temperature is not suiting you, use the manual override to tweak the temps short-term without messing with your pre-set programming.This is one of the simplest winter home improvement tips and can be done with a quick trip to the hardware store and a few basic tools.


  • Windows and Doors:The easiest way to let cold air in – and warm air out – of your home is through unsealed borders. Check each exterior window and door to pinpoint any culprits and then get to sealing, caulking and plugging areas where the infiltration of air may be occurring.


  • Ducts and Furnace:Check out ducts to verify that no small leaks are resulting in big energy losses and insulate or seal any holes to reduce energy leakage. As for the furnace, call your HVAC pro to come out and do a tune up and a cleaning to ensure it is working at maximum efficiency. This is also a good time to change out your filter.


  • Energy Audit: To better prioritize your projects, have an energy audit done of your home and find out where you are most compromised. The amount you spend doing this can often be recouped in one season’s worth of lower bills.


There is no need to allow dust to collect on the toolbox with all the seasonal projects awaiting you. Keep your momentum going with these winter home improvement tips and your wallet with thank you.

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