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Real Estate Aerial Video Production Pulls in Purchasers

Posted on 10. Jul, 2014 by in Home Improvement

Real Estate Aerial Video Production Pulls in Purchasers | XL Home Improvement BlogThe real estate market is coming back to life and real estate agents everywhere are racing to be the front runners. The quickest way to get there is to put appealing listings online, directly in front of potential purchasers, and a unique way to do that is through real estate aerial video production.

Many real estate websites will accompany their online listings with batches of photographs and usually these photographs are taken by the agents themselves. Depending on the equipment used and the skill of the agent, these photos may or may not show the properties in the best possible manner. The photos may also be prone to inaccurately depicting the size and layout of some properties.

Virtual tours are also a popular tool used for online property listings. These online tours typically consist of panoramic photographs pieced together in a 360° view that onlookers can scroll through by clicking their computer mouse. These images, while effective, can also tend to be slightly distorted.

Real estate aerial video production is at the forefront of photography technology and can lend itself to the success of your real estate firm. Professional photographers can pilot quadcopter drones that fly over the property and film it from several interesting and attractive angles. A bird’s-eye view of the home will give the potential buyer an accurate feel for the size and layout. This is especially helpful if your property includes lots of land. Traditional photographs will never be able to capture acres of land the way an aerial video can.

Displaying such a high-quality, specialized video on your website will positively reflect on the professionalism of the firm and contribute to its credibility. Potential sellers will be in awe of the effort you are willing to put into selling their homes and potential buyers will be so excited to view the listings on your website that others’ listings will pale in comparison. Real estate aerial video production can be the thing that puts your firm on the map. Visit http://skyshotsproduction.com/ for more information.

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