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Preventative Pest Control

Posted on 14. Aug, 2014 by in Home Improvement

Your home is your castle. Do what you can to prevent pests from getting in and infesting your house.  Even though you can call an expert pest control in Moorpark, it’s better to quickly eliminate the sources that draw pests into your home.

Water damage is a major problem for homeowners.  Not only is there potential mold damage, but pests love water. The rain water that collects in your gutters or gets in through cracks in your foundations will encourage bugs to enter your home and build a nest. A small leak in your roof could be the source of water for squirrels or mice.

Your toilets, sinks, and faucets are another source of water for insects and rodents. Inspecting them on a regular basis will ensure that pests are not using them for shelter and food. Any pipes that are connected to a water supply should be properly caulked and sealed. You should also clean up any places where water can pool, which is a prime breeding spot for insects.Pest Control Moorpark | XLHomeImprovementBlog.com

Windows should have screens that are not ripped or torn. Any other opening to your home, like the fireplace and vents, should be covered with mesh. Check the weather stripping on the doors. Rodents can get through small crevices and openings in the walls and foundation, so make sure they are sealed.

Pests can hide in all kinds of clutter. Stacks of paper, piles of firewood, and stored items in the garage can all turn into nesting materials and places for many different kinds of pests. Pest control in Moorpark can be reduced when you keep your home clean and proactively inspect the places rodents congregate. Pests are drawn to even little bits of food and garbage, so do not forget to return the recyclables that you have been meaning to.

When you do see evidence of rodents and insects, do not be ashamed to call for professional help. Although no one wants to admit they might have a pest problem, hoping it will go away is not an effective method of pest control in Moorpark. Let an expert help contain the issue before it does more damage to your home.

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