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Make Your Home Feel Completely New By Remodeling One Room

Posted on 03. Feb, 2014 by in Home Improvement

If your home needs a facelift but your budget is small, you may be able to remodel one room and still feel like you have a whole new house. Most remodeling budgets don’t extend to fixing up the entire house at once. Fortunately, changing a single room can impact the entire house and breathe fresh life into your home.

When you choose to remodel one room, it is important to pick the room that will make the biggest difference. Your basement may be unfinished and your master suite may look dated, but most visitors will not even see those rooms. Remodeling your living room, kitchen, or dining room will provide the strongest impact on the house as a whole, because everyone spends time in those rooms every day. Those rooms are also the most likely to need a remodel, since they are used more often than other rooms, resulting in more wear-and-tear. Even a fresh coat of paint or a new carpet can instantly improve a downtrodden room.

It may be tempting to give your room a completely new look, but if you are only remodeling one room, you will want to ensure that it still fits in with the rest of the house. Feel free to play with color and fabrics, but keep the tone of the room harmonious with other rooms around it. If your home is strictly traditional, an ultra-modern kitchen will stick out like a sore thumb. By utilizing subtle updates, quality pieces, and colors that complement the rest of your home, you can make your remodeled room accentuate your house instead of clashing with it.

If you can’t afford the time, energy, or money to remodel your entire house, it may be smart to only remodel one room at a time. You can always update other rooms later, but if you pick the right room to remodel, it could have a strong enough effect on the entire home to keep you happy for years to come.

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