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Kinds Of Roof Damages

Posted on 30. Sep, 2013 by in Roofing

Needless to say, a roof is an integral part of every home. Not only does it help to keep the elements away, it offers support to the walls and foundations as well. The roof of a home can last for several years if it is well built and maintained well. Here are some of the common roof damages.

Cracks – With age, roofs might develop cracks and tears, which can lead to leaks. They may not always be visible from the ground. Some cracks are so thin that they are visible only upon close inspection.

Hail damage – It might not be possible to note hail damage without actually climbing to the top of the house. Inspect your gutters for dents and you will know the condition of your roof. The drain spouts of your home will also let you know if your roof is in good condition.

Wind damage – Wind can also do good damage to the roof. Strong winds can loosen the roof and cause it to develop tears. Also, debris can get accumulated causing blocked drain pipes.

Debris – This can cause extensive damage to the roof. Leaves can decay and lead to stains on the roof or fungal growth. Other kinds of debris can get accumulated and lead to blocked drains.

Improper installation – Roofs that are not properly installed can lessen the overall life expectancy of the same. It is therefore crucial to get your roof installed by a trained professional only.

Poor maintenance – Regular inspection is an imperative to help identify leaks, damages and other small problems early on and prevent them from becoming a major issue later on. Many different materials are used to construct a roof. Exposure to the elements such as snow, ice, sun, rain can lead to the breakdown of the roofing components.

Apart from these there are several other kinds of roof damages too that might happen. A thorough inspection at regular intervals is the best way to ensure that your roof is in top condition at all times.

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