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Keeping a Warm and Welcoming Home

Posted on 23. Aug, 2013 by in Home Improvement

Whether you have purchased your home, you are in the payment process, or you have found a temporary landing place, it is important to take care of your investment. When you have got a lot to tackle in your home, starting small can help you get into the groove.  Below are a few home repairs that can be done easily to help make your home happier.

First thing, fix those squeaky door hinges and floors. Spray some WD-40 (a must-have in every home) or petroleum jelly on the squeaky hinges and open and close the door to work the liquid throughout. A little Talcum powder in the cracks of your floor can help reduce any squeaking when it is walked on.

A stained bathtub can be pretty unappealing, especially when you are looking to get clean. While different types of water stains can be caused by different qualities of water, natural and non-chemical cleaners work on a variety of tub stains. A mix of baking soda, cream of tarter and lemon juice can be made into a paste, applied to a dirty tub, left to sit for half-an-hour to and wiped off to reveal a sparkling clean tub.

Flat cushions on a couch not only make it uncomfortable but can also make your couch look worn-out and old. Putting flattened cushions out in the sun for a few hours (not too long or the color may fade) and flipping them, will help any moisture evaporate and reinvigorate your pillows.

Whether they are small repairs or large undertakings, keeping up with home repairs can keep your home feeling warm and welcome throughout the year

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