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Investigation, Closure, Removal Services for Your Underground Storage Tank in NJ

Posted on 14. Jan, 2014 by in Home Improvement

Laws regarding underground storage tanks have changed over time as evidence has shown that old tanks may leak. Currently the regulations regarding the material and storage of tanks are much stricter than they were in years past. This keeps both people and the environment safe from contamination from new tanks, but old tanks may still cause a threat. If you have an old tank on your property and you question the possibility of leaks or contamination, there are underground storage tank services in NJ that can put your mind at ease. These services include contamination investigations, tank closures, and oil tank removal NJ.

Thankfully, it is possible to discover if your tank has leaked and to what extent the potential contamination has spread. Underground storage tank services NJ can collect soil samples for testing. This service is best left to professionals because they will know where and how to best gather samples for accurate laboratory evaluation. When seeking a company to perform this work, you may consider looking for one that uses a state-certified laboratory. This is a good way to ensure that the tests are of the highest quality. After evaluation of your samples is complete, the experts can discuss any findings and make recommendations on how to limit your potential negative effects.

If you determine that you want to safely close your tank due to leakage or to save yourself the cost of future maintenance, you should consider underground storage tank services in NJ. Tank service experts can review the closure options with you. Two possible choices are closing it in place or complete removal of the tank. If you close the tank in place, workers will remove the hazardous materials and clean your tank. Then they can refill it with an inactive substance before reburying it. Since you likely have little experience working with government agencies regarding closing tanks, a qualified expert can perform an initial inspection and then submit a detailed bid on the costs and steps involved in either option. A good service company will generally help you throughout the process because they tend to be much more familiar with it than you are.


Guest Post:  Sam Hyman – NJ Environmental

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