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Improve Your Home for Less With These Inexpensive Life Hacks | XL Home Improvement

Improve Your Home for Less With These Inexpensive Life Hacks

Posted on 30. Mar, 2016 by in DIY, Home Improvement

Changing up the look of your home can cost both time and money. Some small, inexpensive changes can make your place look new with a little work. These life hacks for your home will help you makeover your home quickly and easily.

Paint Your Old Linoleum or Vinyl Flooring Instead of Replacing It

Old linoleum and vinyl flooring can begin to yellow over time. If your flooring has yellowed or you just want to change the look of it, try painting it instead of replacing it. Use painter’s tape to protect the baseboards and surrounding flooring. Next, use the tape to design a pattern onto the floor. Paint the floor with a primer and then with at least two coats of paint. Let it completely dry before applying a polyurethane coat to protect it. This project will take about a day to complete but will save you hundreds on dollars.

Add Mirrors to Your Closet Door

This life hack has both aesthetic and practical purposes. Adding mirrors to your closet doors gives the illusion of space and style while making it easy for you to check out how you look before leaving for the day. Tack one long mirror to each closet door. After they are securely hanging, tape off the mirror with painter’s tape and paint the entire closet door and mirror frame to match.

Organize Your Spice Rack With Magnets

If your spice cupboard is an assortment of plastic bottles, metal tins and small bags of spices, organizing them by using magnets will make cooking easier and will improve the look of your cupboard. Buy small spice jars that are uniform in shape and size. Place the various spices into each jar and label. Next, use strong glue to attach a magnet to the top of each jar. While they dry, use the same strong glue to attach a small piece of sheet metal to the top of your cabinet. Once everything is fully dry, place the jars on the sheet, freeing up space under the jars.

Use Chalkboard Paint Inside Cabinets

Keep grocery lists, frequently used recipes and measuring equivalencies nearby when cooking by painting the inside of your cabinet doors with chalkboard paint. Once dry, use chalk to write your much-needed kitchen information on the inside of the doors. This tip makes cooking easier and frees up your space from notepads and scribbled papers.

The next time you want to give your home a makeover, try a simple life hack to save you time and money and improve the look of your home.

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