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How to get the most from your washing machine

Posted on 02. Jun, 2014 by in Home Improvement

How to get the most from your washing machineLots of people forget to clean their washing machine. Since it’s often running with water and antibacterial washing powder, many people assume that it doesn’t need cleaning, but just like everything else in your home, your washing machine needs regular cleaning and maintenance to keep it running efficiently and effectively. If you don’t clean your washing machine then you might find it has difficulty running, leaves unwanted odours in and on your clothes, and can even stain light fabrics. Here are some ways in which you can clean your washing machine to make sure that you’ll be getting the absolute best from it for years to come!

1)      Most modern washing machines have a self-cleaning cycle available, which can make the cleaning process easier. However, if yours doesn’t have this feature then don’t worry! Simply open your washing machine and fill with hot water. Next place a capful of bleach into the area where you would usually place your fabric softener and run your washing machine whilst empty. The bleach will mix with the water to remove stains from the inside of the machine, leaving it sparklingly clean and looking as good as new!

2)      Mold and mildew can grow around the door of your washing machine. Take an antibacterial spray and cloth or sponge and clean the outside, the inside and the seal around the door of your washing machine. This will make your washing machine more sanitary for your wash loads!

3)      To maintain your washer there are a few simple tips that you can follow. Try to get out of the habit of leaving your wet washing inside the washer. It can only take a couple of hours for mold and mildew to start to form and this can be difficult to deal with. Remember to take out your washing promptly to avoid this happening to you!

How to get the most from your washing machine2

4)      Don’t leave your washing machine door closed after a cycle! The mold that can grow in your washing machine is the same as you might find in your bathroom, and just as you’d use an extractor fan to extract excess moisture in your bathroom, the same must be done with your washing machine! Leave the washing machine door open after use so that excess water and moisture can air-dry naturally. Shutting the door can help mold to thrive, so try to avoid this where possible!

5)      The dispensers that your washing machine has are removable for a reason! Take out the dispenser drawer every once in a while and give it a thorough clean to remove and excess powders or washing products. These products can build-up over time, making it difficult for your washer to run efficiently and properly. Use washing up liquid or an antibacterial spray to clean your dispensers thoroughly. Make sure they’re fully dry before replacing them back in your washing machine to ensure that they’re going to work as well as they need to!

6)      The best way to maintain your washing machine for years to come is to give it a thorough clean every so often. When you spring clean your home, why not give your washing machine the deep cleanse that it deserves? This will help to keep your clothes fresher and cleaner, and will ensure that your washing machine will last as long as it should do!

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