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How to Change a Room’s Focal Point

Posted on 07. Apr, 2014 by in Home Improvement

If you’ve ever been tired of the same old look your home sports, then you are probably craving for a change of scenery. There are times when what we have available is simply not looking right, so that calls for a direct intervention on our part if we want to restore the balance of the room. Knowing what to do to change the focal point of a room is one of the ways you can approach the subject. Follow these guidelines and tips to get things done ahead of you:

• Using contrasting colors can be one of the easiest and best ways to achieve the effect you’re going for. This technique can be used to either change or create a focal point of your choice by utilizing a choice of colors. For example, your current room may have a single color which dominates it entirely. If you want to draw the eyes to a specific place in the room by default, then you will need to use a contrasting color, as the mind registers things out of the ordinary first before scanning the rest of the room. Use a strong, bold and contrasting color for couches or other pieces of furniture which are different.

• Fireplaces make one of the best focal points, since they add a natural look, combined with a purpose that works well during the cold winter months. Traditionally, fireplaces and mantles have a different color from the rest of their surroundings, which makes them easily noticeable even when they’re not burning. You can use that to your advantage by using it as the focal point and arranging your furniture around it to adapt to the situation.

• Don’t overlook the importance of lighting. If you use it in a more strategic way, then you will have a chance to use it to manipulate the focal point of your rooms. If you used art lighting to shine upon a piece of art you own, then that will instinctively attract the eyes toward it. This creates a focal point with a few simple touches. You can do the same with a large window, minus the artificial light as it creates a frame you can use to your advantage, setting up your furniture with the window in mind as its focal point.

• Now that you know the basics of dealing with a room’s focal point, this means you can easily arrange you rooms in any way that fits your tastes and needs. These are only basic guidelines, however they should be enough to get you started on your way. It all largely depends on how you want to handle things in the long run, as how you plan your room also affects how much of a change you can make in the future, should you need to do so.

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