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Home Improvement Hacks: Organization Tips and Tricks

Home Improvement Hacks: Organization Tips and Tricks

Posted on 15. Oct, 2015 by in DIY, Home Improvement

The lists of organization hacks rampant on online resources today are nearly endless. Making your home more organized and efficient has never been so easy, with dozens of resources offering up brilliant and cost-effective ways to improve your home. Some of the best ways to shake up the organization of your home reside in ideas for bathrooms, kitchens, and bedrooms, the cream of the crop of which will be expounded upon here, defeating the tediousness normally associated with reorganizing rooms.


Your bathroom is full of accessories and objects that you just cannot do without, but which are often in a state of untidiness.

  • Hair Ties. Hair ties are almost impossible to keep orderly, despite all efforts. Manage the chaos with a carabiner, which keeps all of them close together.
  • Bobby pins. Similarly, bobby pins are perfectly stored in emptied Tic-Tac containers.


Kitchens do not need to be a realm of mess and confusion and can be fixed with just a few actions.

  • Pantry. Use glass containers with labels for all of your spices and food items that have to be taken out of bags. This keeps food organized and properly stored for the future.
  • Canned food. Use closet shoe racks which have a rim and a tilted surface for canned food, ideal for keeping your cans organized and properly suspended.


The bedroom should be the best-organized and most comfortable space in your house. Bedrooms, too, can be cleaned up with tricks.

  • Neck ties. PVC pipes make excellent organizers for neck ties. Slice a cut circle from any type of cheap PVC pipe and keep your ties easy to grab and store.
  • Cord labels. Bread tags from plastic loaf bags are perfect for writing on with a marker and indicating what cable goes to what.

The options for home organization are endless, and none of them need to cost you very much at all.Make reorganizing your home a fun and vibrant experiment with some neat and quick tricks whose cleverness makes your life a little easier.

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