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Real Estate Aerial Filming

Give a Home or Resort an Epic Look With Real Estate Aerial Video

Posted on 22. May, 2014 by in Home Improvement

Are you an agent looking for the most effective way to market that coveted hillside listing? Perhaps you are a resort owner wanting to provide optimal visual examples to your potential customers. Before attempting to photograph or film your property, you might want to consider the benefits of real estate aerial video. The same technology that delivers those thrilling scenes in Hollywood films or that cinematic shot of an epic sports play can be cleverly used for advertising as well.

Many aerial videography providers utilize an electric-powered drone known as a quadcopter. Controlled by an operator from the ground, these devices are capable of shooting high-quality footage at speeds of over 20 miles per hour. Previously exclusive to companies with large production capabilities and helicopter access, aerial photography is now much more versatile and can be used for a wide variety of lower budget projects.

When shopping for a home online, potential buyers are looking for as much information as possible. Why not use a real estate aerial video to increase a home’s appeal, thus drawing in more interest? Moving or still shots from above can give viewers a better sense of overall size and the relative placement of distinguishing property features.

Similarly, if you own a resort, you can greatly increase the production value of your advertisement by offering sweeping views of landscapes, swimming pools, golf courses, and parking facilities. Online presence can be crucial especially for a vacation-style resort, as guests often prefer to see rather than read about amenities. An all-encompassing view of a property can potentially enhance its look by allowing certain features to stand out, ultimately giving customers a comprehensive image of what is included.

Using revolutionary, inexpensive technology, videographers are now much more mobile and can cater to an array of customers working on projects in a wide variety of industries. Why not use real estate aerial filming as a way to market your home or resort? A property can look just as epic as a car chase or grand slam.

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