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Four Tips for Decorating a Small Space | XL Home Improvement

Four Tips for Decorating a Small Space

Posted on 05. Apr, 2016 by in DIY, Home Improvement

Many individuals are choosing to downsize their homes to live in smaller spaces that cost less to maintain. However, they still want to live in a beautiful space with all of the items needed to live with a family on a daily basis or while entertaining friends. Anyone with a small home needs to become selective when choosing furniture or light fixtures in order to maximize the space and have an attractive home.

One: Buy a Drop Leaf Table

A small home needs a drop leaf table that makes it easy for two or more people to sit to consume meals. A drop leaf table is placed against a wall most of the time but is easy to pull out to open for large family dinners. This variety of table is also useful as a desk or buffet table, and a quality one will last for a lifetime.

Two: Sleeper Sofas for a Living Room

A sleeper sofa is available in different sizes and is perfect for a small home because it provides an extra bed for guests along with daily seating. For individuals who live in a studio apartment, a sleeper sofa is often the only bed and is only closed when someone is expecting visitors.

Three: Shelving Units

In a small space, there is often not enough storage, but with several shelving units, a homeowner has a place for books, DVDs and seasonal items. It is possible to have a carpenter create built-in shelving that remains in place or to buy shelving units that you can assemble. Having shelving units that reach from the floor to the ceiling are ideal, and if some of the units have doors that can close, then it is possible to store numerous items.

Four: Ceiling Lights

Instead of needing to have small tables to hold lamps in a small space, opt to install ceiling lights that operate with a small light switch on a wall. Have these lights placed as close to the ceiling as possible rather than having dangling fixtures that require additional space.

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