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Four Inexpensive Home Improvement Projects

Posted on 12. Feb, 2014 by in Home Improvement

Major remodeling projects, such as renovating a kitchen or bathroom, can certainly enhance the value of a home and bring enjoyment to the homeowners.   However, they can require saving up for remodelings.  There are a number of inexpensive, small projects that can be tackled while saving for a big one.

Update Switchplates

Changing out switchplates is a very affordable way to add some new charm to a home.

Plastic light switches and electrical outlet switchplates can be replaced with wooden, ceramic and stainless steel ones. Some are made to specifically blend in with tile and marble.


Painting is an inexpensive way to freshen-up a room, and give it a new look while saving up for remodelings. Experiment with some new colors.  If painting the ceilings and walls seems overly ambitious, try painting wooden furniture.

Work on Curb Appeal

Spending some time on front yard to spruce things up can help improve the curb appeal. This can include mowing the grass, removing any dead branches in trees and flowers, and planting flowers. Flowers can also be planted in pots or hanging baskets. Repairing a front walk with caulk or cement can enhance the look of the front of a house as well.

Create More Storage Space

Many homes can use some extra storage space.  Organizing belongings with storage accessories can remove clutter from a home and free up more space.  Horizontal dividers can be added to cabinets to create another level of storage; this is can be particularly effective in kitchen and bathroom.  Plastic bins can be used for basement storage. Be sure to label the bins so it is easy to locate items. In the garage, consider installing hooks on the walls and ceilings.  They can be used to hang bikes, skis, and other seasonal equipment.

A major renovation project is worth saving for. It is good to have enough money so it can be well done. While saving up for remodelings, there are many inexpensive projects that can be done to give a home a mini makeover.

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