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Backyard Home Improvement | XL Home Improvement

Five Ways to Optimize Your Home’s Backyard

Posted on 12. May, 2016 by in Construction, DIY, Home Improvement


Backyard Home Improvement | XL Home Improvement
With spring arriving in Pennsylvania, it is a good idea to improve your home’s backyard to make it more useful. If you are fortunate enough to have a backyard, then take advantage of the space by creating places for relaxing, entertaining or playing.

One: Build an Enclosed Porch
To enjoy spring breezes without too much exposure to sunlight, you can have an enclosed porch added to a home. An enclosed porch has a roof and large windows with screens. This type of space makes it easy to enjoy fresh air without needing to cope with insects. You can open the windows when the weather is warm and close the windows when the temperature drops.

Two: Children’s Play Area
If you have children, then having a safe place for them to play is essential. A builder can dig up dirt to create a soft surface before installing swing sets, jungle gyms and slides to keep youngsters busy. A high-quality play area for children also increases the value of a home when it is on the real estate market.

Three: One-of-a-Kind Gazebo
A gazebo adds an attractive ambience to a home’s backyard, and you can place it in the center or on a corner. With its open sides and decorative wood elements, you can request customized benches along the sides or choose to place outdoor furniture on the gazebo’s floor. With a gazebo, you can relax outside under a roof to avoid the bright sunlight.

Four: A Fire Pit Entertainment Space
Many families want to cook meals outside but don’t like to pull a barbecue grill to a backyard. One of the newest ways to cook outside is with a built-in fire pit that you can light with natural gas or wood.

Five: Gardening Shed
A backyard is a great place to have a garden for vegetables or flowers, but you need a place to store an assortment of gardening tools and supplies. A home improvement company can design a customized gardening shed for your home’s backyard garden.



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