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Find Your Own Gardening Style

Posted on 21. Oct, 2013 by in Home Improvement

A garden is truly one of the parts of your home that can show your individual style the best.  Whether it is borders bursting with bright seasonal blasts of color or edible plants built into the landscape, the only limits to gardening style are your imagination and your climate.

Not everyone lives in a semi-tropical paradise like Florida or Southern California that can support lush rich foliage and palm trees.  One of the first considerations to look at in planning garden elements for your yard is the reality of what type of vegetation your region will support. 

Consult a ‘zone map’ that divides the country into planting ‘zones’ or regions based on the typical range of high and low temperatures and other factors.  Knowing your zone is helpful to know what types of perennial plants will stand strong through the winter and come back ready to grow again next year.

Another type of plants, called annuals, typically last only one season, so winter conditions are not a concern.  Many edible plants are annuals, and are typically planted in the spring after the danger of frost has passed, and bear fruit or vegetables in the summer, and will need to be re-planted again next year.

Consider a border of edible plants that look stunning and can be added to your salad as the season progresses.  From greens like kale and chard that can be planted in dense border rows, to ground covers like thyme or some varieties of low-growing oregano, many plants can serve double duty, being beautiful in your landscape and then providing delightful additions to your menu when you trim their leaves or harvest fruits.  Strawberry plants grow very well in many climates, and can make an attractive and effective ground cover in shady areas, with the bonus of sweet berries in the spring!

When finding your gardening style, first learn about your area and what it can support.  Look at pictures for inspirations of what plants might look good together. Visit your local nursery for inspiration and advice.  And have fun, as you grow wild in your backyard!

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