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Fall Home Improvement Tips

Posted on 24. Sep, 2013 by in Home Improvement

With the fall season coming our way we can change much about our homes, turning them into something new and fitting for the changing times. Follow these tips to bring something new to your life and to come up with a new face for your home:

You should begin preparing your home for changes from the floors up, starting with:

  • Work on putting nice, soft carpets with warm autumn tones and patters to keep your feet warm. The closer they resemble a leaf-covered forest floor, the more in tune you’ll feel with what goes on outside. You can look for carpets in rich, deep colors such as brown, golden yellow, burgundy and similar hues. Wool, Persian and oriental plush carpets are the perfect choice for this time, bringing softness and warmth in your household.
  • The next thing you need to address are the drapes around your home. You can create a combination of different types of fabrics, such as velvet, silk and whatever else strikes your fancy. You should also bring in fall-worthy trims and adornments such as tiebacks, cording, tassels and fringing to complete your draperies.
  • Blankets and cushions are also an important part of your new fall-inspired style changes. If you have a nice sofa or a bed and you love spending time there you are probably in love with pillows. A place like that can never have quite enough pillows and cushions. Ensure they befit the overall theme, shapes and sizes as well as texture of your furniture. You can combine that with some trims and fringing or even feathers if you really want to go that way, also remembering to put a throw blanket on your chosen furniture for added colors and character.
  • Create some nice fall centerpieces for excellent results. You can create one using pumpkins and gourds, branches from the outside, berries and leaves. You can also use some different types of pumpkins, such as white Lumina pumpkins, as they can be a welcome difference from most traditional fall decorations. They are a lovely silver color that can be further decorated with some paint and patterns for added effect. You can create amazing decorations with a bit of imagination and time on your hands.
  • Make sure you also decorate the bookshelves and tables by lining up some bowls and baskets of decorative moss, fall leaves, branches and small pumpkins. You can also put up a number of vases with some fresh flowers around your home alongside the aforementioned fall decorations. You can add some willow and oak branches for a more complete look.
  • Bed linens and bedding could also be changed according to the season, such as adding more rich and earthy colors. You can lay out some nice and warm colors on your dining table as well, also combining it with warm candlelight for ambiance. All of these little touches will completely change the entire way your home looks, making the end result more surprising than what you’d expect.

Bio: Cindy Davis is dedicated blogger and housewife. She likes writing about home remodeling and household cleaning related topics. Therefore her present article treats exactly organizing and home maintenance theme. For further helpful tips, visit: http://www.londoncarpetcleaner.co.uk/blog/cleaning-routine-for-your-bathroom.html

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