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Essential Components of a Quality Roof Inspection

Essential Components of a Quality Roof Inspection

Posted on 03. Dec, 2013 by in Construction, Home Improvement, Roofing

Having regular roof inspections is one of the easiest ways for homeowners to save money, not to mention spare themselves the stress and inconvenience of discovering a roof problem at a bad time.  It is recommended that homeowners schedule a roof inspection annually to keep on top of any developing problems.  Here are a few of the things that your roofer absolutely needs to look for during these inspections.

Damage to the roof is the most obvious thing to look for during an inspection.  However, this does not just mean damage due to severe weather or simple wear and tear.  There are many other issues that a roof can develop, including mold, pest infestation, shingle loosening, and protective shingle coat loss.  A roofer should always check for these things, and not just obvious damage.

It is also important for roofers to look for potential sources of future damage.  Typically, at the end of a roof inspection, the homeowner should be provided with an estimate on how long the roof will last.  Problems like trees growing too close to the roof or algae streaks on the shingles should be noted and addressed.  After all, the point of an inspection is not just to give homeowners peace of mind, but also to prepare them for future repairs that must inevitably occur.

Gutters should also be cleaned and inspected a minimum of once a year, so this is a task worth rolling into an inspection.  Gutters can easily become clogged or warped, and in a worst-case scenario, this can lead to rain water pooling or freezing too close to your home.  This can cause foundation damage or other serious problems.  Having gutters inspected and making any necessary repairs or replacements can save homeowners a significant amount of money.

Most roofers offer these services standard during a scheduled inspection.  However, it is important to always verify that these three areas will be covered when you schedule a roof inspection.  Taking the current and future condition of your roof and gutters seriously is essential if you want to save money and protect your home.

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