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Beyond Checking Your Batteries

Posted on 14. Aug, 2014 by in Home Improvement

You have done the right thing and installed fire alarms in your home and business. The chances are good that your alarm system will never be used, but can you be sure that it will function properly if it is needed? It is possible for smoke alarms to become less sensitive over time, and for their batteries to run out. A fire alarm system that is not properly maintained may not activate the sprinkler system, or notify the fire department. For these reasons, it is imperative that you conduct regular fire alarm testing.

fire alarm batteriesMany people think that testing fire alarms is simply a matter of making sure the batteries are still good. While a battery check is a vital part of fire alarm testing, there are several other functions that should also be tested regularly.

Your fire alarm system should be examined regularly by your system provider, and backup checks done between regular checks by you or your employees. Functions that should be tested include making sure the bells and or horns are functioning, verifying the smoke detectors’ sensitivity, and checking that batteries are working and verifying their installation date.  You should work with your fire alarm company to set up a schedule for testing and maintaining your fire alarm system.

Failing to perform scheduled fire alarm testing can cause injuries and even fatalities. If a fire breaks out in your building and your fire alarm system is not working properly, the fire department may not be notified in time, the sprinklers may not go off, and even the elevators may not work properly. A fire alarm system that is in full working order will alert you to any danger, contact the fire department, and give you enough time to exit the building safely. Consistently maintaining your fire alarm system gives you and those important to you the best chance of surviving a fire. Don’t delay; scheduled your fire alarm maintenance and testing today!

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