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Preparing Your Home for Bed Bug Removal the Right Way

4 Quick Steps to Prepare for Bed Bug Removal

Posted on 01. Dec, 2015 by in Home Improvement

Bed bugs are one of the worst pests to encounter in the comfort of your own home.

They’re silent, nocturnal, and may even transmit deadly diseases, so it’s important to remove them as soon as possible. When you manage to pull yourself from the clutches of your frustration, you will want to learn how to prepare your bedroom for bed bug removal, otherwise you might find yourself with bed bugs later on.

Here are some easy steps you can take to get rid of bugs and restore the warmth comfort of your home.

1. Remove Your Bedding

Strip the bedding from all of your mattresses, including mattress covers, linens, pillow cases and anything else that is machine washable. Any similar items that are in storage also need to be washed. Make sure everything (including articles of clothing) is cleaned in hot water and put into the dryer.

2. Empty and Store

Empty all of your closets to make sure the exterminator has full access to them. While you are at it, you will also want to clear out your bookshelves, desks, drawers and nightstands. It is also best if you remove all of your drawers to keep bed bugs from hiding between wooden boards. After clothes and bedding have been washed, seal them up tight in bags and storage bins.

3. Unplug Your Devices

All electrical devices in the rooms that need to be sprayed should be unplugged to give the exterminators better access to the area. If at all possible, you should also have your floors, couch cushions and rugs professionally steamed cleaned.

4. Move Items Away From the Wall

All furniture and other structures against the wall should be moved. Doing so gives the exterminators full access to the perimeters of the room, ensuring they are able to treat every nook, corner, cranny and crevice in your home. Once you have pulled everything away from the walls, vacuum in the spaces the objects once occupied.

If your exterminator gives you any other instructions, be sure to follow those as well. Take every precaution and follow tips and instructions to the letter to ensure every single bed bug is exterminated and that you do not have to go through the ordeal again.

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