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Beautify Your Home with A Bucket of Paint

Posted on 10. Oct, 2013 by in Home Improvement

How many homes have you lived in with generic eggshell white walls that have never received a drop of paint? As clean and simple as white walls may be, by having painted rooms you can improve the aesthetic appeal of your home for yourself or when selling.

When it comes to deciding what color to paint a room, it helps to consider what kind of mood you want that room to reflect. A palette of warm earth tones, such as deep reds, yellow, oranges and browns can create a welcoming and soothing feel. These colors are great for living areas or entrances. Some color theorists believe that these colors instigate conversation and community.

If you are looking to liven up a bedroom or play room for a child, bright and cheerful colors such as delicate blues, greens, or yellows will create a sense of joy without creating too much stimulation. If you want to create a mellow and relaxing bedroom for yourself and your partner, you can paint your walls in greens, blues or even lavenders. Although red and orange are sensual and invigorating colors, they can sometimes bring too much energy to a bedroom and stop you from relaxing.

Kitchens are another area that can really be brought to life with colors. By painting kitchens in organic, earthy colors such as jade green or lemon yellow, you can create a welcoming and grounding kitchen that is soothing and peaceful. If you want to stimulate your appetite, a splash of bright red and orange will keep your energized and ready to cook and dine.

Painted rooms bring character to homes and are a great way for homeowners to express their artistic sides as well. Nothing says happy like a sky blue ceiling or sunny yellow walls. By painting your walls you can feel even more at home and have a great sense of pride and ownership.

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