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Basic Household Plumbing Cautions

Posted on 30. Oct, 2013 by in Home Improvement

Properly functioning plumbing systems are essential to daily household operations. Problems with pipes and related accessories can lead to significant damages within a home, as well as inconveniences for the residents. Such issues can usually be fixed fairly easily, as long as individuals understand certain basic plumbing cautions.

Drainage System

A common cause for plumbing is the classic clogged drain. Plungers, expansion nozzles and other devices may be enough to fix the problem. However, if the drain remains completely clogged after utilizing these items, you are cautioned to avoid using chemical cleaners. This is because the exposure to toxic fumes can put you at risk of chemical burns. Be especially careful to not use a plunger with these cleaners, because you can easily splash yourself with the substance.


There are many ways in which a toilet can quit working properly. The water can overflow or empty slowly, the flushing mechanism can wear out, leaks can occur, and more. These issues can all be solved relatively easily by using the right tools. But, be mindful of necessary plumbing cautions before beginning repair by activating the water shutoff or the main water valve.


It is fairly common for faucets to develop drips or leaks over time. These predicaments generally necessitate the use of a plumbing wrench or a pipe wrench to remove locknuts and other items. During this process, plated fittings may become damaged by a tight grip, so it is important to wrap the wrench jaws with rubber, a rag, or duct tape to provide slight cushioning.

Septic Tank

Difficulties with a septic tank include a backup of waste, broken pipes within the drain field, and other similar conflicts. Be wary of flushing chemicals or items that are not easily dissolvable in water. Also, check your owner’s manual to confirm that your garbage disposal system is designed for use with a septic tank.

Following these plumbing cautions ensures the most efficient procedures for fixing problems around the house.

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