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Autumn Maintenance Tips

Autumn Maintenance Tips

Posted on 07. Oct, 2013 by in Home Improvement

With autumn already here, this means we will have to deal with a number of problems that may occur if we’re not ready for winter time. The following tips will give you some idea about the things you need to prepare against as time goes by.
• Make sure you clean your downspouts and gutters on a regular basis. All the drainage can be easily clogged by debris and leaves. You can put up some gutter guards to keep most of the stuff out of them.

• Grab a screwdriver and check the wood around your doors, decks, railings and windows. Make sure you fill up the holes with caulk.

• Whenever the cooler weather and lower humidity comes around you should make sure the exterior of your home is well-painted as well.

• Check the roof for any leaks or wear and tear that might be a problem when the cold weather rolls in. If you look at the shingles and some of them are not intact, crackling or even buckling you should absolutely replace them. This is a vital step in keeping your home nice, warm and dry so keep a close watch on the condition of the roof.

• Make sure you turn off the valves to your exterior water supply so the pipes won’t burst when the water freezes. Drain the water from the pipes and prepare things for the changing of the seasons.

• If you have a wood-burning fireplace you should have it cleaned and inspected so you’ll be safe from fires or carbon monoxide poisoning.

• Wrap up your water pipes with heating tape, especially the ones that are close or on your exterior walls. This will help them avoid freezing, much like the ones outside.

• Replace and clean up the filters of your heating system or furnace. If you have a gas heater you should call up and contact a heating contractor. They will check for possible risks of monoxide poisoning and it is a service offered free of charge.

• Check your radiators for leaks in case you’re using hot water for heating. You should also check the expansion tank and its water pressure as well.

• Check your attic and make sure you have working insulation with no gaps in it. If the insulation is not working right you will have hot air leaking through as well as problems with moisture and mold. You should check your vapor barrier as well and make sure it will allow “breathing” so moisture won’t accumulate. Avoid stepping on the hoists so you won’t damage the surfaces up there.

• Temperature fluctuations as well as humidity can cause problems with your window seals, causing them to shrink and crack. You should check on the doors and windows for any signs of drafts and leaks. Dealing with the cracks and installing weather stripping around your doors and windows is an absolute must. This includes the garage door as well as any storm window covers if you have such.

Bio: Cindy Davis is passionate writer and blogger with great flair for home organizing. She has been writing about house maintenance related topics for a while now. He present article is focused on helpful tips for choosing proper paint when renovating. For further useful hints and advices, visit: Upholstery and Oven Cleaning Tips

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