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5 of the Best Intruder Deterrents & How They Can Help Protect Your Home

Posted on 27. Aug, 2013 by in Home Improvement

When an intruder breaks into your home it feels like a violation, regardless of whether you and your family are present at the time or not.

Blocks of flats may be generally smaller than houses, but they’re also more difficult to break into in many cases. And urban gardens are more likely to attract wildlife that could be seen as pests, such as foxes and rats. If you live in a house and you have a front or back garden area, there’s plenty you can do to deter burglars and unwanted visitors from targeting your home or garden. Take a look at our top 5 intruder deterrents:

1. Make your Alarm Visible

Fit and use a reliable alarm system and make sure your alarm box is affixed to the front of your home in plain view. When a burglar needs to make a choice between two homes, he’s likely to try and avoid the alarmed one. If you have specialist windows then place a sticker on your front door or somewhere else it can be easily seen that lets people know about your security measures.

2. Use Hedges

Hedges in a front garden can help to make your home feel less exposed and it’s easy to quickly install fast growing hedges that offer an immediate effect. You can also plant spiky, thorny bushes or plants that irritate rabbits, foxes and other small wildlife to stop them from entering your garden, getting into bins and generally causing a mess. When your front room overlooks the street it’s easy for people to look in and see what valuables you’ve got. Fast growing hedges are idea for increasing privacy and eliminating that overlooked feeling.

3. Solid Front Door

If your front door looks flimsy and well-worn, possible intruders will see your home as an easy target. An insecure front door suggests poor security throughout your home and you can normally find decent replacements for just a few hundred pounds. Not much to spend when you consider the stress and expenditure caused by a break in.

4. Security Lights

You can opt for CCTV in your front or back garden and although you can link this up to a PC and watch the footage live, it’s still very hard to use video as evidence in court. However, security lights are a lot cheaper and more straightforward to install and work by simply illuminating dark areas around the home every time movement is sensed. This is effective for keeping burglars at bay and foxes away from bins!

5. Timed Table Lamps

To make sure it always looks like someone’s in when it gets dark install table lamps that come on when they sense evening falling. You can find LED lights which use a tiny amount of energy and make your home and garden seem a more welcoming place to return to on winters’ evenings. You can also fit a timer to ordinary free standing lamps to ensure they switch on and off at regular times during the day, which is idea if you’re going away on holiday.

Hedging To Your Door can advise customers of the best hedging to plant to deter thieves and burglars.

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