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4 Must-Do Home Improvement Projects to Tackle this Summer

Posted on 20. May, 2015 by in Construction, Home Improvement

As a homeowner, there is always a home improvement task in the works. With summer upon you, now is the perfect time to check a few of those lingering jobs off of your honey-do list, while also improving the value of your home. The longer days and glorious weather give you ample time to complete most of these simple, yet valuable, projects on a day off or over a weekend.

Here are 4 fantastic, easy things you can do this summer to spruce up your home’s appearance:

  1. Plant a Garden: There aren’t many activities that can benefit your family as much as plotting out a garden space in your backyard can. A garden is something that can take up as much or as little space as you want, it allows for plenty of together-time spent planting and weeding and, bonus, it leaves you with delicious, healthy food for your family to consume.
  2. Re-Stain Your Deck: As one of the driest seasons, summer is the ideal time to stain wooden decking, as well as side railings and deck furniture. While getting a great staining job does take some time to both paint on and dry between coats, sealing and staining your deck is a relatively inexpensive job that gives amazing wow-factor.
  3. Pave a Patio: If your outdoor living space is looking meager, give it a facelift with a nice, new patio made out of pavers. With only sand and the actual stone needed to complete this project, it’s a fairly simple one with a moderate price-tag.
  4. Bring in Color with Shrubbery: Spring and summer bring some of the most colorful and fragrant flowers and foliage of the year. Set aside some time and money to spruce up your yard with added trees, bushes and fun perennials and really make your outdoor space pop.

Improving your home doesn’t have to be only on the inside with the endless possibilities in both your front and back yard. Utilize the gorgeous summer season to enhance both the enjoyment and value of your home. Get out and get working on your lovely home today!

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