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Pumpkins | XL Home Improvement Blog

4 Easy Ways to Use Pumpkins This Fall

Posted on 08. Oct, 2015 by in DIY

Pumpkins | XL Home Improvement Blog

When you think of fall, you probably think of oranges, reds, and yellows lining the changing trees and table tops of friends and family members. Decorative corn, colorful ribbons, and black lanterns are just some of the items swirling if your creative mind. Have you considered how pumpkins can bring something new to your fall decorations? No longer just for Halloween, these pumpkins bring something fresh to your season décor.

Paint It

Grab some leftover paint from the garage or get some cheap acrylic paints from the local hobby store for this craft. Black, white, silver, gold, or any fall color will do. Cover the flesh evenly and let dry. Use these solid colored pumpkins in centerpieces, by the fireplace or front door, or on a shelf for a subtler touch.

Fill It

For this DIY project, you get to use those pumpkin-cutting skills you have learned over the years. Choose a medium pumpkin. Cut out a 4-inch hole in the top and scrape out the insides. Grab some fake or fresh flowers of your choosing, trim the stems to fit the height of the pumpkin. Once you have placed the flowers into the pumpkin, you have a sweet smell along with the fresh look of your pumpkin vase.

Stencil It

For this stenciling craft, you will need paint colors of your choosing, a pumpkin of any size, and stencils that are small enough to fit. Paint your pumpkin a solid color and let it dry. Paint your stencil in a complementary color. These high-end looking pumpkins can be placed anywhere.

Wrap It

If you do not have a lot of time or you do not want to spend a lot on supplies, try this pumpkin idea. Grab some ribbon and tie a big bow around the center of the pumpkin. If you have some white or gold spray paint hanging around, give your plant some color first. These bow-tied fruits will give an elegant touch to your front passageway or fireplace.

Finish I

Whether you end up going for all those traditional centerpieces and room accents for fall, do not let the pumpkin stand idly by. It is not just for the trick-or-treaters anymore. Spice up your home and dazzle your guests this season.


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